Behind the Insanity

Sir Heinrich Willhelm von Metzgermeister II
Founder and Proprietor of the "Circus of the Damned."
DOB: May 17th, 1919
Height: 6 feet, 2.5 inches.
Weight: As much as a skeleton typically weighs for a 6 ft, 2.5 inch male of sturdy build.

Eye Color: No eyes.
Likes: Reading, writing, shooting, Lewis Carroll, Gothic Literature, large overcoats.
Dislikes: Communism, pop-punk.
"I went to bed in Utah, and woke up in Nazi Germany." 

(Erik Eier page coming soon.) 
The Erik Eier page is never coming.

Hello from Hell, dear Humans

Dearest Humans,
 I believe that I have been asked to introduce myself, and thus, I am. My name is Adrianna Azreal, the daughter of the Angel of Death.
I am the new Editor for Circus of the Damned.
In the Great Kings court, I am the one that makes fun of him for his enjoyment... and for his anger. I am the Jester of Satans kind court.

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