Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old Favorite Songs by Kyle Andracchio

With eyes glazed in dull brilliance,
I continue to wonder, all this time later 
about the dissonance you still breed, 
Leading me to believe that it was just happenstance, 
Or was it pre-determined? 
In reality, you are only human, 
just as I am. 
And you have made me indifferent.
For I no longer yearn for the meaning 
that you so caused me to search for, 
so beautifully and terribly indifferent. 
As of now, I float,
wandering in my tributary,
only an offshoot,
of a much grander scheme.
and when the tributary ends,
I do not know.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Jester by The Jester

Dancing around in the puddles of those who used to laugh
The wand has on it's maniac smile and best party hat!
The shoes once all white and purple now stained red
-in the puddles of those who used to laugh!

No one laughs - or so you think

I am here then gone in a blink
I leave you with only the glimpse of my maniacal grin
The sadistic gleam in my eyes...

laughing until I can't breathe because there is nothing left

nothing but the puddles of other people in which I dance
-dance atop my blood soaked throne.
The wand had on it's maniac smirk and best party hat!

No one hears the laugh of the joker

the trickster
the reason you wind up on your ass or in a grave
or in puddles on the floor!

No one can hear me, because I can't even hear myself...

The wand is my friend - it holds me close with hands that are not here.
It holds me close while I shed not a tear.

I can hear it speak when others cannot

but they're dead, walking as they rot
I don't care if they hear - This is my world today
Mine and the wand with it's big, fucking, maniac grin and best party hat

I wave it around and the bells keep time with my feet

-Feet now soaked in the puddles of the people who used to laugh
Shoes once white and purple now dyed red!
what a pretty color...

It's a dazzling addiction to which I cannot hide!

So I dance in the puddles of all I once knew
Because they used to laugh at me

So I dance in the puddles of the ones I used to love to see smile

because their blood is so much fun to see run over my hands
Over my clothes and -

-all over the wand with the maniac smile and his best party hat!



I cannot suggest this art film enough for anyone who has been a fan of our works. If you want to know what our minds look like when they're put into a more graphic context, this is the film for you.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Achtung, kameradin!

While many of you may think that we are in fact gone, that is absolutely not the case. We are back, and not only are we back, we now have a second editor. Everyone put your hands together for our newest friend, the Jester! She is my second in command of this mess, and welcomed addition. When you send us emails, you'll get responses from either she or I from now on. Her word is my word, etc.

So here's how it is folks, all submissions before this date that were not previously published are considered null and void. I deleted everything in our inbox, so if you care to send us something you'll have to do it again. It's not that they're denied, it's that I'm treating them as if they never existed in the first place. So do send us things, and be sure to like us on facebook as well.