It is my intention to create an anthology with the work I receive once I have enough work to fit into a proper book. Authors will be compensated for their work based off of the percentage of work they contributed to the book, so more frequently published authors and artists will get more money per book.

I plan to split the income from the books in half. Fifty percent goes to the authors, fifty percent goes to publishing more work and expanding our operation. None of the money is to go into my pocket, and even less than none of the money is to go into Erik's pocket.

-Sir Heinrich Willhelm von Metzgermeister

Volume One: On Sale


  1. Then are you spending the money from your own pocket?

  2. He/she probably meant for instead of from

  3. When will Volume II be coming out?

  4. Where/how do I send my work to you?

  5. See our guidelines page for more information regarding submissions.