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Spinnwebe For Veronika by Charlotte De'Ath

otto von streicher

the world famous 
                                spider trainer
                presents performances of his miniature theatre
                         that will

       *  ASTOUND  *  BEWILDER  *   DAZZLE  *   and  *   AMAZE  *

come and witness his
            the tales of long forgotten princesses        in towers & mists
                        and heroes of legend
                                    & mystery & myth
        by his diminutive     all too realistic figures
            that trip the light fantastic with necromantic saltation
                    to the direction of ancient scripts
                            controlled by adroit dancing legs
                                of his trained spiders
        and conducted by his own fingers
otto von streicher              maestro supremo
of his phantasmic art

(let us take you back)

in his young days
            he had fallen in love
        with the fair maiden            veronika 
                                golden haired veronika
            she loved another    (as so often happens in tales of this nature)
                            a farmer’s son
                                to whom she pledged
                her smile
                    her kisses
        eventually             even                her heart
otto found it painful to stay in his village
        knew he could not                    
                watch them
                        day by day
hand in hand                                    in love

but day by day he crafted a tiny world         (at first to take his mind away from pain)
            constructed the body and being of his dolls
                out of woods from the blackest part
        of the black forest
                    and commissioned
                                beautiful faces
        to be made from the finest
                most delicate
                                (by now this micro world
                                had become an obsession)

creating an environment he could
taught his actors     his troupe       his company
        to dance
                    and to sing
                                    and perfected ways to                     bring that world to life
        patiently teaching spiders to give his puppets
                        the most realistic movement anyone
                                had ever seen
and instructed fireflies         how to light
            the invention of atmosphere            and so
                    a necromancer by trade


like a flash of lightening

little miss muffet
sat on her tuffet
eating her curds and whey
along came a spider
then another
then another
bound her in webs
so the puppet master
could have his wicked way

                at the torment of lovers torn apart
                            at the trials and tribulations of the heart
                the dramas of the night                   
                    (a recurring theme for otto)

the grand manipulator
            had now become
                        famous in the courts of kings & queens
                                the world over
with breathtaking performances      of plays that astound the imagination
    the spiders’ many limbs
                and limbs                       and limbs
                    and his digits working dexterous displays
to bring to life           the dark dreams of his mind
                and the darkest visions of which nightmares are made

(now we are back to where we started)

at the height of his
        otto brought his miniature world
                        back to his small village
            for a special performance
making certain
    veronika would have a front row seat

the play                    a romance  (of sorts)
                            would be given special significance
        a drum roll
                of pulse beats
as he narrated his play with the use of tubes            for projection of his deep voice
                    controlled by straws his wind of words
        an eerie sound
            and as the climax was reached
                                backstage behind the curtain
                opened his chest
                    and laid his beating
                                beating heart into a cradle
    the spiders had woven        with silken thread
                                    like a rotting lace cradle
                hanging over the stage
                    suspending belief
                    his heart bled
                                 into a tiny translucent goblet
        from which a vulnerable little wooden doll
            in a white dress of lace
                with golden hair
                    with breakable serene features
                        poured innocence from her pure crystal eyes
    into the focus of the hushed transfixed audience
                as she took the goblet to her lips

this was a cue for a trained black widow assassin to kiss hans with fangs
                veronika      SCREAMED
                            then fainted

        otto rushed from behind the stage           
                        to act as her aid
                her shining knight

                                his heart intact           
                                but pounding   

                took the small goblet from the set
                                to her pallid lips

she took a sip    -     -     -     - like a forbidden kiss
                            with otto’s spirit
                            now deep inside her
and by way of spiders’ threads
            of wedded silks
                and precious weaves
                        encased her arms around him
                    with a stickiness
                        that both captured
                            the purity tears
                                    like tiny gems
        and brought them together
                    so she could never leave

                    forever in his web of love

some may think this a happy ending that otto
after years of torment
had eventually found the love he so desperately sought
but what of veronika

otto & veronika wed
the band placed on her delicate finger
not gold nor platinum but an ethereal metal the work of alchemists which broke the spell that otto had cast upon her

on their wedding night
after consummation that otto would call love though for veronika it was violation
veronika repeatedly stabbed otto through the heart tore his body apart with her bare hands
and in the morning she was found
blood stained wide eyed gorging on his flesh for breakfast
otto’s troupe of spiders taking residence in her hair that now constantly moved and danced as if a medusa set to hypnotise and charm as she smiled
once so sweetly
now with blood dripping from her lips
and traces of skin and human meat hanging from her fang-like teeth
as she would beckon
come into my parlour
we’ll have a bite together

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